I've been to the Cines Verdi a few times now and whenever I went I really enjoyed the walk there from the Metro stop and back but as I didn't want to be late for the films, I never took the time to slow down and look at everything. Yesterday evening it was still nice and sunny and warm and so I decided to just go for a walk around Gràcia. I didn't have to go far to make some great discoveries and the weren't even cake related. In a mostly second hand bookshop on Carrer de Verdi I found a cookbook in Catalan about Vegan French cuisine. It's not that I'm excited about vegan cooking but I just never would have thought a book like this ever existed. Later I found another second hand bookshop in Carrer del Montseny dedicated to English literature (and small shelves of other European languages as well) which is great because so far none of my Spanish friends have been able to recommend me a good book in their native language. So I'm still on the hunt for that. 

And at the end of my stroll I discovered a beautiful, little garden on Carrer d'Astúries hidden behind one of the organic shops. I only went inside because I thought they might sell nice notebooks (which they didn't but they did have some nice special edition novels amongst many other things). A small hut in the garden indicates that maybe they're serving coffee there during the day. I'll definitely come back again. Now all I hope is that this garden is not featured in every travel guide and blog already.