First steps in Barcelona

Barcelona has welcomed me with a record breaking heat wave and I appreciate the effort. I'm getting a good taste of what summer will be like here. However, after almost seven years of many grey days and only the odd sunny week in London, I'm not complaining.  (Don't worry London, I still really, really like you!)

The high temperatures haven't stopped me from trying out the "nostalgic" gas oven in my new flat. And I'm so happy it turned out well on my first trial! I'm very relieved because this means I can stay in this beautiful flat which I'm already quite attached to. I found a mini palette knife in the kitchen, this must be a sign for me to stay anyway!

For the first trial run with the gas oven I went with a safe choice, one of my favourite flavour combinations, chocolate, almond and orange. I've uploaded the result as my first "Barcelona Cake" including the recipe. The measurements for the ingredients aren't 100% exact as I have no scale yet and just used my eyes like my mum does when she makes her amazing marble cake. So you'll just have to trust me on this one.