Last Kaffeeklatsch of the season on Thursday 27th of June

Newsletter 27.06.19.png

Counting down the days to the last Kaffeeklatsch of the season before returning in October. I took a first dip in the sea today (the water was perfect) and the beach was full of people. This is where everyone will be until September but before you go, enjoy the buffet of my mini cakes one last time this coming Thursday the 27th. I had people vote for the menu on Instagram this time, except for the matcha cake, that was a request I got at the Kaffeeklatsch events.

And don’t worry about your “bikini body” because first of all my cakes don’t make you gain weight (according to a friend of mine) and second of all what does bikini body mean anyway? In Barcelona a bikini is a grilled ham & cheese sandwich.