New Year motivation


Happy New Year! As always, I went to spend Christmas with my family and came back refreshed, with new ideas and lots of motivation. So today I’m making the most out of this rare rainy day. I had already been working on a new Cake Catalogue last year but now it is finally finished and you can download it in English and in Spanish. I’m quite pleased with the selection, I enjoy making every single one of the cakes that is on there and I think you will enjoy eating them, too. There are still some pictures and texts missing for the detailed description on the webpage but I thought it’s better to publish the catalogue sooner rather than later. It is probably better to share it already even though it might not be perfect. Because perfection is not easily achieved and there is always room for improvement and I don’t want that to keep me from getting started.

You can get a first taste of the new menu at the next Kaffeeklatsch event on the 24th January (next week Thursday) at Delabuela (C/ Comte Borrell 8-14) from 17.30h onwards. Really ooking forward to it once again!