The Cake Catalogue is here!


It's finally here! I've been working on this selection of cakes since the beginning of the year, testing my recipes over and over again, taking pictures, changing the selection, having doubts, changing something again... you get the idea. A friend of mine told me that a lot of people want to make everything perfect when they start something, not realising that this is actually keeping them from going ahead with their project because they keep postponing it. That was defiinitely true for me so I started to wrap things up and now here it is, my cake catalogue, available in English and Spanish. If you find spelling mistakes or weird grammar, please let me know, so I can correct them; it's all part of the imperfections I didn't want to get hung up on. However, when it comes to the actual cakes I will always strive for perfection. If you're interested in ordering a cake or two or three from me, don't hesitate to contact me and I will send you more information! I'm really excited to get your orders and to see what the future holds for this project!