New Recipes - Weekend Bakes!


It's been a while again since I have posted anything on here. Mostly because I do more on Instagram. However, any big news I have to report will be shared on this blog as well. My cake catalogue is coming up very soon (another reason why I was too busy to write a new post here) but for today it's "just" another line of recipes that I've just started, the "Weekend Bakes". It's going to be a series of recipes that are slightly different from my usual mini cakes because sometimes you need to break out of your mould, haha, for example on the weekend. My mini cakes are usually sponge cakes but I recently bought a rolling pin so in the Weekend Bakes feature expect some pies and cinnamon rolls, and also cheesecakes and tray bakes. The first recipe is a Fruits of the Forest & Frangipane Tart. If you try out this recipe I'd love to hear from you!