My first Cake Tasting


It's time to breathe some life into this blog again. The "problem" with Barcelona is, that once you hit spring time, there is so much to do and to discover that you don't feel like writing a blog anymore. Or maybe that's just me. I also had friends and family over to visit, always a big (but welcome) distraction. Although I actually had a blog post idea about cyclists' road rage which I can totally understand since I started using the city's bicing service. I can still write about that another time, the situation is probably not going to improve anytime soon.

Anyway, last week I had my first cake tasting event! It was a lot of work not only baking all the cakes but also organising the event itself. Luckily in this one year that I've lived here now I have made some really great friends who were there for me and who helped me out. I learned a lot from planning this event and the positive feedback I got from everyone has encouraged me to go ahead and plan the next cake tasting. If you're interested in attending the next event, please get in touch with me!