Spring is here!

The way I noticed spring had arrived was not because the sun came out because it never really left. However, it's getting stronger and so it gets warmer outside and people are coming out of their houses again. It feels like people know again what to do with their lives. There is more music on the streets (I say more because, like the sun, the music never leaves), I started having lunch on my balcony, my clothes dry faster, and I get rushes of complete happiness. It's unbelievable what vitamin D can do for you. But there's another sense coming to life again: smell. Everything smells of spring, I almost want to say of summer. In winter, Barcelona smells of nothing. Maybe of the occasional roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes (and weed of course, another thing like the sun, and music, that never leaves this city), but apart from that nothing. Now, I smell the coffee and pastries people are having on the streets, the fried food from the open doors of the restaurants, the floor cleaners, the magazines at the newsstands, the sea. It's as if someone pressed pause after Christmas and resume at the beginning of March.