Cats of Montjuïc

It's actually a bit shameful that in the seven years that I lived in London I never really got involved with any charity. The UK is great with charities, they're everywhere and it's easy to join and help out. My contributions were limited to buying the occasional book or coat or dress at places like Oxfam or Cancer Research and donating my unwanted clothes. However, being surrounded by so many charities had it's effect in the end it seems. A friend told me about a group of people who take care of the street cats in a part of Montjuïc, and that they're always looking for people to help feed the cats. Living really close by I didn't have to think twice, this was my moment to finally do a selfless good deed. So now once a week I do the round, give food to the cats and check if they look happy and healthy. I get to enjoy the great weather, the exercise, the view of the city, the fresh air, and most of all the company of a bunch of really lovely cats. And I realise there is no selfless good deed, and if anything I think this charity is helping me.