The Cake Tasting continues...


On the 12th of November I had the pleasure of hosting another cake tasting. This time at Delabuela in Sant Antoni. You can see more pictures here. Again it has been in a lot of work preparing the cakes but with the experience from the first tasting I was a lot more organised, relaxed and confident. I was able to fully enjoy the baking and decorating and it felt great. Now I'm going to think about how I will continue. 

It's mid November and even in Spain Christmas is starting to kick in although there's a very different vibe here. I'm not sure I'll ever get used to it, it's just very weird to hear Christmas songs playing inside the shops when outside the sun is shining every day. At least I will have some days of German Christmas over the holidays, with dark, rainy (hopefully snowy) days, when I can relax and prepare for new endeavours in the new year.