Happy 2017!

Feliz Año! Bon Any! Happy New Year, or as a group of teenagers told me on the street, Happy New York! I guess because I'm blonde people in Spain will always assume I don't speak Spanish. This is what usually happens to me. This is what happens to my blonde Spanish friend as well. In restaurants more often than not he gets offered the English menu. I don't tan either (at least not yet), which could have been helpful. However some Catalan people have already asked me for directions. And I was able to help, although just in Spanish, not yet in Catalan. Hopefully I'll be able to change that this year. Yesterday I watched the film „Pa negre“ in Catalan with Spanish subtitles and wasn't as lost as I thought I'd be. That's a small success.

Other new year's resolutions include doing more of the things that I like and less of the things that I don't like. Which creates a conflict with another resolution I have, exercising more. However I'm moving closer to the Montjuic area this week where I always see people running and I got a beautiful yoga mat for Christmas so I have no excuses anymore. And exercising more means I can eat more, too, right?