Christmas in Barcelona

This is a weird one. Having grown up in Germany and having spent the last seven years in London, both places which are really big on Christmas and that start selling advent calendars in August (I'm not saying this is necessarily a good thing), Barcelona is very un-christmassy in comparison. I had been warned about this. However I didn't think I would notice it as much. Taking a walk by the beach in the sun is not what I'm used to around the time of the first advent, and made me realise things were gong to be a bit different for me this year. There are offical Christmas lights in the street here, though, and for the first time in my life I live on a street with official Christmas decoration. But that's as far as it goes. Ok, yes, there's a Christmas market but all they sell there is figurines for nativity scenes and these wooden logs with two legs, a Santa hat and a smiley face painted on, that you're supposed to hit as hard as you can, so that as many sweets and presents as possible tumble out of it (they use a much stronger word for „tumbling out“, which I'm not prepared to share on my blog). A Catalan tradition apparently. For me to feel the Christmas vibe, I need the smell of roasted almonds, greasy sausages and potato pancakes and mulled wine that will give you the headache of a life time the following day. I guess I'll just have to prepare my own mulled wine/headache. To go with the Lebkuchen, Spekulatius, marzipan covered in chocolate and other seasonal treats that my parents sent me from Germany. Why am I even complaining?