Different countries, different customs

One of the best things about living abroad is trying out the different kinds of food you can find, whether you go to the supermarket or a restaurant or a bakery. 

Ensaimadas are a personal highlight. I first encountered them on a holiday with my family in Mallorca and we kept calling it Ensemaida for a long time. Here in Barcelona I was guided to the Mistral bakery, which has Ensaimadas in different sizes and even filled with cooked custard. They're amazing!

I recently found out that Ensaimadas are made with lard. I'm not sure that's common knowledge. I eat meat so it doesn't bother me but if you had an Ensaimada shop in London (it could happen because that's what you do in London, you only sell one kind of product, but you researched it over months, travelled the world, discovered the origins, meditated in the mountains, met the guru and now you graciously share your findings in a cool and casual place near an up and coming street food market) you couldn't go without your vegetarian, vegan, gluten and dairy free take on it, maybe add a raw version as well. And here in Barcelona there's not even a little sign telling you that you're having pork in your custard sweet bun. I shouldn't be surprised though, because I already knew that if you order a "vegetal" sandwich it doesn't mean it's vegetarian, it's a warning that your tuna bocadillo will contain lettuce and tomato.