When I don't bake

It's been two months now since I moved here and I've managed to bake over seventeen new cakes already. Is this all I do? No, this is definitely edited reality. My cakes are simple and don't take long to prepare and I usually have the pictures taken in less then 10 minutes. I couldn't be a fashion blogger, staring shyly on the floor or at my handbag or standing in front of a door laughing at an imaginary person somewhere to my right. Shooting the perfect picture would take forever. So not being a fashion blogger frees me up to do all kinds of other things. Reading is one of them. I recommend all the libraries in Barcelona. You can enter for free and not just browse books, but also leaf through magazines. And if you decide to become a member you will get discounts at places like the Filomteca. Which brings me to a new hobby of mine, cinema. I don't have to apply for a mortgage anymore to see a film outside my home.

Working in the food industry, I obviously enjoy eating out. I'm not a restaurant blogger but there's a new pizza place in Sant Antoni that I would like to recommend, Mama Pizza. Great food, great service, no frills.

Then there's my Jazz Dance class at the Centre Civic. There are a lot of different classes at each centre, and they're really not expensive.

And finally, drawing. Mainly cats, though. I don't know how Picasso did it, but his misshapen portraits look so much better then mine. Maybe because he did it on purpose.