Becoming a citizen of Barcelona

Apart from taking care of all the formalities like the empadronamiento (registering for the census) and the infamous NIE number (to enable you to work, get a bank account etc., what does citizen of the European Union mean anyway?) there are other, much more important things that tell you you've finally arrived. I know I've just arrived but I've already had a few key moments that told me I'm in the right place.

For example crossing the Ramblas, seeing all the tourists and remembering that I used to be exactly just that not long ago and not having a clue that I'd call this place my home one day. It's an amazing feeling knowing I won't have to go back to a hotel but to my flat and that I won't have to say goodbye to the beach. I get the same sensation of happiness when I walk home at night, whether it's from work or after going out. It's the fact that I'm walking. Because it's still warm(-ish) outside and everything is so close, I love it. And I deserve it after many years of 1-2 hour rides on London's night buses (or deciding to stay at home, avoiding the bus ride).

I've also decorated my room. Well, I've put up my beloved collection of postcards which is as far as I go when it comes to decorating rooms.

And another key moment was my first class of Broadway Jazz Dance at my local Centre Civic. I'm in a room full of middle aged women and we're following the teacher's choreography to the „Priscilla-Queen of the desert“ soundtrack, all directions in Catalan. After one and a half hours I'm beat but I'm also really, really happy. I'm on their whatsapp group. I'm on the inside! And I can count: cinc, sis, set, vuit!