Autumnal Kaffeeklatsch this week!

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I love autumn as a season for baking. You can go back to rich flavours again, like dark chocolate, coffee, and spice mixes. Come and join us for the next Kaffeeklatsch this Thursday the 24th of October at Delabuela in Sant Antoni and enjoy this week’s menu together with your friends, as this is what it’s all about!

Guess who's back...

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KAFFEEKLATSCH IS BACK! Next Thursday, October 10th, you can head over again to Delabuela (C/ Comte Borrell 8-14) from 17.30h onwards to sit down with your friends, leave the phone in your bags (unless you would like to take pictures of my cakes, haha), have a cup of tea or coffee and obviously cake! I will prepare three cakes from the new menu and two special edition cakes, one with apple & spices to embrace that autumn mood everyone is so keen to get in to, and one inspired by my recent trip to Greece. Hoping to see many of you there!

New Autumn/Winter 19 Menu


We’re already in mid September and Kaffeeklatsch will be back next month! I guess time flies when you’re having fun (and when you are busy working on a project). I’ve created a new Autumn/Winter 2019 menu which makes it sound like I should organise a fashion show with a catwalk to display all my new cakes and styles, however I think Kaffeeklatsch is an even cooler platform to present my work, as everyone can try the cakes and not just look at them. Also, if you live in the Poble Sec/Montjuic neighbourhood of Barcelona and you’re interested in catwalks, just let me know; the group of volunteers that I’m part of feeding the street cat colonies in that area is always looking for people happy to help us out. This just on the side. Back to cake: I will confirm the date of the first Kaffeeklatsch of the new season soon, but first I’m going on my long awaited (late) summer holiday. To a place with even more street cats.

New Summer Menu


No Kaffeeklatsch during the summer doesn’t mean no Cakes by Ika! You can continue to order cakes for birthdays, weddings and other celebrations or for your own Kaffeeklatsch at home throughout most of the summer ( I will be away on holiday at some point). I’ve developed a menu for the summer which you can find in the cake section of the website. Just make sure you place your order in advance, a 5 day notice would be helpful. For wedding cakes a month of notice is needed due to all the logistic involved and to have enough time to plan and design the cake. Now I wish everyone a happy and relaxing summer, don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

Last Kaffeeklatsch of the season on Thursday 27th of June

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Counting down the days to the last Kaffeeklatsch of the season before returning in October. I took a first dip in the sea today (the water was perfect) and the beach was full of people. This is where everyone will be until September but before you go, enjoy the buffet of my mini cakes one last time this coming Thursday the 27th. I had people vote for the menu on Instagram this time, except for the matcha cake, that was a request I got at the Kaffeeklatsch events.

And don’t worry about your “bikini body” because first of all my cakes don’t make you gain weight (according to a friend of mine) and second of all what does bikini body mean anyway? In Barcelona a bikini is a grilled ham & cheese sandwich.

This week's Kaffeeklatsch is cancelled


I’m very sorry that this week’s event has been cancelled. I Hope to see you all at the last Kaffeeklatsch of the season, on the 27th of June.

Two more Kaffeekltasch events before the summer

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I’ve been neglecting this blog again, but Kaffeeklatsch has been going steadily,taking place every other Thursday. Now that the temperatures are rising and everyone in Barcelona is enjoying the terraces, heading to the beach or going on holidays, I’ve decided to take a summer break during the months of July, August and September. While I’ll be using this time to develop new recipes and work on different aspects of the Cakes by Ika project, I’ll also take some time to relax and go on holiday for a few weeks myself. Kaffeeklatsch will return in October and in the meantime, please let me know if you’d like to order any of the cakes from the catalogue, whether you need something to take to the office, to celebrate a birthday, a wedding…you name it!

And don’t forget, there will be two more events in June, the 13th and the 27th!! They will be held at Delabuela, as usual, in C/ Comte Borrell 8-14, from 17.30h onwards. Hoping to see many of you there!

A chance to win a mini cake at this week's Kaffeeklatsch

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This time at Kaffeeklatsch you can win one mini cake by taking part in a special kind of competition (no, not a pie-eating contest, I’m sorry). You’ll find out about the conditions when you come to the event. Make sure you’ll be there at 18.30h latest to be able to enter the competition. See you there!

Election day

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Another great thing about Kaffeeklatsch is that it doesn’t matter which cake you choose, you will always end up happy, there are no wrong choices. So come to Kaffeeklatsch this Thursday regardless of the results of the general elections (whether you need cake to cheer up or cake to celebrate).

Easter break


It’s incredible, over the Easter weekend I have four days off in a row and already on the first day all the creative juices are flowing and I changed the website again. I hope it’s even easier to understand now. I really like the new home-page now. What do think? Anyway, I have no time to lose, the next cake related project for this long weekend is waiting and no, I’m not going to switch on the oven. Watch this space! Happy Easter everyone!

Kaffeeklatsch Easter Edition

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Before you go off to your village, back to the roots, as Spanish people do for Easter (or Christmas or other holidays) , join me for a very special Kaffeeklatsch featuring cakes with floral flavours, lots of chocolate and Easter bunnies!

There is no vegan cake on the menu this time, as there is very little demand for these at my Kaffeeklatsch events. All cakes are vegetarian though, including the Easter bunny cakes! However, if you’re a vegan and this is the Kaffeeklatsch you wanted to go to, please let me know and I’ll make sure there will be a cake that you can eat, too.

More new cakes!

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Join me at Delabuela again this week (C/ Comte Borrell 8-14, Sant Antoni) from 17.30h onwards, for coffee, cake and chatting with your friends! The menu this time is extra special as I’ve updated the cake catalogue with three new cakes and I will bake all of them for you to try!

Kaffeeklatsch VI

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With every Kaffeeklatsch event more people are getting to know my cakes and I already have some regular customers, which makes me very happy and gives me even more motivation to continue down this path. The next event is happening on March 21st, at Delabuela as always. I’ve been trying out new recipes and I’m really looking forward to hearing how you like them! Also, if you’re vegan, you’ll have the opportunity to try the Chocolate & Raspberry Cake this time, I made a 100% plant based version.

Never miss out on any Kaffeeklatsch again!

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For everyone who is not on social media I’ve created a very easy way for being up to date with everything you need to know about upcoming Kaffeeklatsch events. Let me introduce you to the Cakes by Ika Newsletter! Sign up by sending me your e-mail address and every other week you will receive an e-mail with the time, place and the menu, nothing more, nothing less. Make sure you tell your none-social media friends about it. See you at the next event (which is on March 7th at Delabuela, C/ Comte Borrell 8-14, from 17.30h onwards)!

New Year motivation


Happy New Year! As always, I went to spend Christmas with my family and came back refreshed, with new ideas and lots of motivation. So today I’m making the most out of this rare rainy day. I had already been working on a new Cake Catalogue last year but now it is finally finished and you can download it in English and in Spanish. I’m quite pleased with the selection, I enjoy making every single one of the cakes that is on there and I think you will enjoy eating them, too. There are still some pictures and texts missing for the detailed description on the webpage but I thought it’s better to publish the catalogue sooner rather than later. It is probably better to share it already even though it might not be perfect. Because perfection is not easily achieved and there is always room for improvement and I don’t want that to keep me from getting started.

You can get a first taste of the new menu at the next Kaffeeklatsch event on the 24th January (next week Thursday) at Delabuela (C/ Comte Borrell 8-14) from 17.30h onwards. Really ooking forward to it once again!

Kaffeeklatsch Christmas Edition

Kaffee Klatsch (2).png

One more Kaffeeklatsch this year after two successful editions. This time we’re getting into the mood for Christmas. Join me on the 13th December at Delabuela (C/ Comte Borrell 8-14) from 17.30-20.00h for a selection of cakes mainly inspired by sweet Christmas treats from Germany/Austria. As always I will put my own personal spin on the recipes.

This Kaffeeklatsch is the perfect opportunity to catch up with your friends before everyone heads home to their families in their pueblos or abroad (Barcelona is so empty just before Christmas, it’s incredible). And it’s also a great opportunity to eat delicious cake before your diet starts in January. To be honest though, there’s no point starting a cake free diet because Kaffeeklatsch will return in the new year. Moderation is the key. That’s why my cakes are small. So you can enjoy a treat every now and then without ruining your good eating habits!

First edition of Kaffeeklatsch


The first edition of my new event "Kaffeeklatsch" is happening on the 8th November at 17.30h at Delabuela in Sant Antoni, Barcelona!

La primera edición de mi nuevo evento "Kaffeeklatsch" tiene lugar el 8 de noviembre a las 17.30h en Delabuela en Sant Antoni, Barcelona!

What is/Qué es "Kaffeeklatsch"?

Kaffee = coffee/café

Klatsch = gossip/cotilleo

It's what we call it in Germany when we meet with our good friends at a cosy place and have a chat over coffee and cake.

Come and enjoy a selection of mini cakes made by me and take the time to catch up with what's going on in the lives of your friends, the neighbourhood and the rest of the universe.

Es como lo llamamos en Alemania cuando quedamos en un sitio acogedor con buenos amigos para tomar un café junto con un pastel y charlamos.

Ven a disfrutar una selección de mini pasteles hechos por mí y aprovecha ese tiempo para ponerte al día con lo que pasa en las vidas de tus amigos, el barrio y el resto del universo.

Pasteles de Autor


My cakes are difficult to categorise, or at least that's what I thought. They have a German influence but they're not classic German,  they're not French pâtisserie, I don't do any mousses and glazes with gelatine, they are not American, I don't make Red Velvets or Oreo Cakes, and they're definitely not Catalan either. So where do I place myself in the cake scene in Barcelona? Yesterday I had a Eureka moment. After observing the lunar eclipse we went for a drink at La Confiteria, a bar that makes "cócteles de autor". There is no English equivalent for this term. And although I can imagine what it means I asked Víctor how he would translate it. He, being the knowledgeable person that he is, told me the whole story of where "de autor" or better said "d'auteur" comes from: it originates in France, and was first used in a magazine about cinema describing the films where the directors bring in their own ideas and interpretation and giving it a personal touch rather than them just following the guidelines to make something "Hollywood". And that's when I realised, I think that's what my cakes are. No Hollywood, it's my own personal style, I have no category, it's cakes by Ika, pasteles de autor. I slept very well, despite the hot weather.

The Cake Catalogue is here!


It's finally here! I've been working on this selection of cakes since the beginning of the year, testing my recipes over and over again, taking pictures, changing the selection, having doubts, changing something again... you get the idea. A friend of mine told me that a lot of people want to make everything perfect when they start something, not realising that this is actually keeping them from going ahead with their project because they keep postponing it. That was defiinitely true for me so I started to wrap things up and now here it is, my cake catalogue, available in English and Spanish. If you find spelling mistakes or weird grammar, please let me know, so I can correct them; it's all part of the imperfections I didn't want to get hung up on. However, when it comes to the actual cakes I will always strive for perfection. If you're interested in ordering a cake or two or three from me, don't hesitate to contact me and I will send you more information! I'm really excited to get your orders and to see what the future holds for this project!

New Recipes - Weekend Bakes!


It's been a while again since I have posted anything on here. Mostly because I do more on Instagram. However, any big news I have to report will be shared on this blog as well. My cake catalogue is coming up very soon (another reason why I was too busy to write a new post here) but for today it's "just" another line of recipes that I've just started, the "Weekend Bakes". It's going to be a series of recipes that are slightly different from my usual mini cakes because sometimes you need to break out of your mould, haha, for example on the weekend. My mini cakes are usually sponge cakes but I recently bought a rolling pin so in the Weekend Bakes feature expect some pies and cinnamon rolls, and also cheesecakes and tray bakes. The first recipe is a Fruits of the Forest & Frangipane Tart. If you try out this recipe I'd love to hear from you!